YouTube Tips: Being Found in Google SERPS & Optimising Your Channel

image1403617527Are you using YouTube effectively?

There’s more to it than a corporate video .

The Facts about YouTube

Depending on how you measure it, YouTube is now the second or third largest search engine in the world. As it is owned by Google, who also own the largest search engine, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

If you use Google to search for something it now displays videos in the Google search results. For example let’s look for an obscure topic like armpit fat (I heard someone talking about this at a party recently!). Depending on whether you use or you get different results. But when I searched I found both sites returned a video on page one of the results page (SERPS).

Search YouTube for the term “adoption” and over 900,000 results are returned, some with as many as 500,000 views. That is an incredible response and there is no doubt that YouTube is a search engine to be considered.  Adoption is a serious topic so it can be seen that YouTube is not just about funny videos of someones cat!

As people can post comments it is also a form of social media .. but how many providers include it in their social media strategy?

Videos need not be expensive or time consuming to make. You don’t even need a video camera to produce videos that comprise stills, animation or similar.  Sound can be recorded on open source software with the only expense being a microphone … I’ve even used mics built into my laptop or mobile phone and the sound is passable in most cases.

I’ve also used film (as well as audio) taken on a mobile phone for YouTube videos and it was excellent quality.


Optimising Your YouTube Channel

The main consideration with YouTube is optimising the site. It is as important as optimising a website.

Things to consider are enabling captions (use a text file, not the auto system), including a full description (same copy as the captions but extended), use of tags, keywords and http:// links in the first two lines of the descriptor.

Clickable calls to action can be embedded in the video as can share and subscribe buttons. The technology is quite simple once a few simple ideas are understood.


Why People Use YouTube

Lastly remember; no one goes to YouTube to look for a video of a provider.  But they do go there to search for things like “How to … ”  If you make a  How to  video on any topic related to a course you are running there is then a chance of getting high volumes of traffic and of getting them onto your website and enrolling on courses.

Try it.  It works incredibly well.

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