YouTube Keyword Changes

YouTube Keyword TagsYouTube has changed the way it wants you to separate Keywords and Keyword Phrases when you optimise your YouTube video and channel.

I often comment on how Google changes the detail behind its algorithms as many as 500 times  a year.  Despite the fact Google explain these changes as improvements they can be very confusing for many marketers.

One of YouTube’s latest changes ought to get a few votes however as it simplifies the way keywords are added to a video.  Until very recently “keyword phrases” had to be separated by quote marks .. as demonstrated earlier in this sentence!

Google has now changed this, to a simple comma separation, in line with the way it has advocated throughout the rest of the Google network.  So some changes are certainly of benefit!

As you can see from the picture at the top of this page the separated words and phrases then separate into groups which makes them easy to see on the dashboard.

Thanks to Lauren for pointing out these changes.




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