Your Career: Using LinkedIn to Market Yourself

LinkedIn logo Getting Headhunted on LinkedIn

I know several people who are now working in jobs for which they were headhunted via LinkedIn.

If, like most people in your field, you are ambitious you will want to know of any suitable posts you could apply for. The problem is many new posts are no longer advertised. In many cases the right candidates are now headhunted online before being invited to apply.

The most common place they are hunted is on LinkedIn simply because it is the best database of people available. But if you have a chance to be found you need to do a few simple things and not rely on a LinkedIn profile that has not been optimised for search.

So think of your LinkedIn profile as document that has been designed to be found when people search for particular types of people, job roles, job titles and particular expertise and specialisms.

So if you are a involved in apprenticeships or digital marketing your profile needs to make this clear in such a way that it is searchable by anyone looking for that expertise. So writing a LinkedIn profile isn’t the same as writing a CV and you shouldn’t consider it as a CV.

Raising Your Profile with LinkedIn Search

To be easily found and to attract attention to your skills you need to place relevant keywords in the right places.
Using Your LinkedIn Profile to build Your CareerThe first place to get your keywords is in the area immediately below your name . Most people reserve this for their job title but being the most searchable area of your profile you need to consider how you can leverage this area to get you high in the search results.

LinkedIn profiles can noiw carry baCKGROUND IMAGES AND STAND OUT BETTER. Your LinkedIn profile can now be made to stand out much better by adding a background image.  Choose yours carefully.  What does it say about about you and your ambitions or achievements?  Should you really use holiday photos like me?

Are you posting on LinkedIn?

Post on LinkedIn

Another way to raise your profile on LinkedIn is to post relevant articles.  these are searchable so can be used to demonstrate your expertise or achievements in your area of expertise.

In your summary profile (see above) you can add your achievements (anyone can say there are responsible for x,y or z but what did you achieve?)   Testimonials work well here for me as does providing an offer that further expands on my expertise.

What will you include?

Using Video and Images to Demonstrate Your ExpertiseUse Video and Images in your LinkedIn profile and demonstrae your expertise and achievements

LinkedIn now encourages the posting of images and videos on our profiles.  A picture paints a thousand words .. and a video far exceeds this.  So what could you put on your profile that would enhance your profile and demonstrate your achievements?

As i demonstrate elsewhere on this site the production of video is very simple these day .. you just need a mobile device and a few minutes to record yourself.  Or you could go for a an animated video .. again quick and easy.

Order Your Profile

All the above elements of your profile can be placed in whatever order in your profile that you prefer.  Experiment and see what works best for you.


Don’t sell .. demonstrate & help

Finally don’t make your profile appear like a selling document; demonstrate your worth by helping other people via  groups, blog posts etc.


Happy headhunting.