Why Too Much Action is Detrimental to Success

Action Doesn't mean you have to get caught in the hamster wheel How to Achieve Success in a Busy Action Packed World

All Around Me I See People in Constant Motion. They are in Hamster Wheels of Activity

They are running from task to task, meeting to meeting, often with a phone welded to their ear.

But when you are this busy there is only one certain result. You miss the overview. You fail to learn enough to plan a strategy. You miss out on the crucial elements vital for you to achieve success.

The only results you get are activity and low achievement because when you have your nose to the grindstone life is pretty awful. The problem is that ……….

Constant Action Drives Out Deep, Meaningful Thought

It is because when you spend all your time DOING and not giving enough time to THINKING……

You create more work for yourself. 

And when you create more work for yourself you have even less time to think, plan and strategise.

We all need to decide what it is we need to achieve each day/week/month and only do the key tasks that contribute towards achieving them.

We are also all familiar with the Pareto Principle and know that 80% of success is down to 20% of activity.

So we need to focus on the 20% of activity that delivers our targets. This isn’t rocket science. It is pure and simple common sense.

You Next Objective

Stop the constant action. Go and find your self some time and go for a walk, a coffee or whatever relaxes you .. I love walking on the cliffs near my home. Give yourself some time to consider the overall picture, your objectives and where your 20% lies. Then when you get back you will have time to cut out the constant action and to focus on what matters.

You’ll also have more time to think and that will create even more time.

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