What Procurement Managers Want to See in Your Proposals

Procurement processes can make selling difficult When bidding through a formal procurement process procurement managers can be the bane of your life.

Unless you understand what really turns them on.

Two things turn procurement managers on.

Price and low risk proposals


It doesn’t necessarily have to be the lowest price; it has to be the best value. For example someone may beat you on price but not fulfill all the criteria; so your value for money price could be better. Be clear in your proposal what they get for their money.

No procurement manager wants to accept a risky proposal. So pick out the six things that they might worry about in your proposal and address them in a section entitles How we handle risk. If you do this they can see you have thought this through and you can beat many bigger organisations.

When preparing a risk analysis like this I only submit six items but I often draft out many more. Then if they question me on others the chances are I’ve already got an answer. Where I’ve been asked to make a presentation I often have these printed and stored in a file from which I can produce a written answer if required .. this has impressed panels I’ve been questioned by and landed contracts!

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