What is Your Referral Strategy? Luck?

Making Referrals is an excellent marketing method but do you have a strategy? Word of Mouth  Predominates

as a marketing method.

Ask anyone where most of their custom comes from and they’ll say Word of Mouth referrals.


Do you have a referrals strategy?

Ask them if they have a referrals strategy and they’ll say no in most cases.

So why is it when referrals bring us so much business we don’t have a process or strategy to get more?

And don’t forget we don’t only want a strategy when dealing with employers .. it applies to young people as well.

Why people don’t produce referral strategies

There are a number of reasons why referral marketing isn’t undertaken strategically.

The first is because people don’t feel comfortable asking for a referral.

Many people feel that even though a customer might be saying good things about them to their face they might damage the relationship if they then ask for a referral.

We’ll deal with this later but for now let’s look at the second reason for failure.

Often I get asked for referrals and the person asking will say, “Can you give me a list of all the people you know that would benefit from (or buy) my product or service.”

It’s an overwhelming question. I possibly know dozens or even hundreds. The problem is I haven’t time to list them now (or ever) and I’m a bit unsure about giving away their contact details.

So nothing happens.

There is a better approach than this and we’ll look at over the next few weeks

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