What is Your Prospects Trigger Point?

What will make your customer push the button and buy?How to identify buyer trigger points in FE


We all need a Trigger Point before we’ll buy.  Something that makes us reach for our cash or click the buy button.  

Sometimes the need is so obvious that we buy immediately because we either need or want the product or service. 

Other times we need a bit of a nudge to turn us from a prospective buyer to an actual customer.

We need to be converted from someone that didn’t previously have a pressing want or urgent need.

Our role in marketing and sales is often to move the prospect over the Rubicon and help them see that urgent need.

If we don’t all our previous efforts are wasted. 

There are of course good reasons not to buy now.  We’ve all experienced them.

Take the pen sales people.  They can tell you all about how great their pen is, but if you are happy to take notes on your tablet you have no urgent or pressing need for a pen.

But if you tell them that it isn’t going to be possible to recharge their device for the next 36 hours the need becomes more pressing.  It becomes urgent when their tablet runs out of power.  So you have two opportunities to sell your pen.


What is Your Prospects Trigger Point?

So, considering the product or service you offer how can you nudge your prospective students or employers over the Rubicon and create an urgent need to buy.

Examples I’ve successfully used include getting existing clients to send a note to their contemporaries explaining how my help has significantly improved their situation.  This works really well in utilities where a manager in one region sends it to their opposite number in another region.

With students it works really well when students share videos with their friends.  For example a private provider client encouraged their students to make videos explaining why they were progressing in their career so rapidly.  The videos were then shared on Facebook and saw a very noticeable spike in training enquiries.

It wasn’t as if the video viewers didn’t know about the provider or training .. they hadn’t reached the tipping point needed to make them apply. They needed a trigger event and the video acted as one.

There are literally thousands of things you can do to create trigger events.  

What are you doing?

If you need help on how to to identify buyer trigger points in FE, give me a call.    

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