What is Colorzilla .. and how can I use it?

How to Add Selected Colours to Your Website and Designs … A Free Tool

IT Nerd at DeskColorZilla is an add-on for use with Firefox and Chrome.  It allows you to select colours from anywhere on your browser and paste them into another programme.

So it is an ideal tool for web developers, graphic designers and anyone else who designs basic web pages.  But it will do more than just a few basic functions .. the advanced functions are quite sophisticated.

Quite simply you can use Colorzilla to analyse the page and produce a palette of colours based on that page.  The palette browser allows you to choose colours from pre-defined colour sets and save the most used colors in to custom palettes.

Colozilla will also produce colour gradients for use on the web or elsewhere.

To discover more go to www.colorzilla.com