What Crows Can Teach Us About Marketing

What Corvids Can Teach Us About MarketingTool Making Is What Differentiates Humans From Non-Humans ….Or That Is What We Used to Think. But Crows Can Teach Us About Marketing

When I was young I read about humans having an opposing thumb which meant we could make tools. Coupled with a larger brain than other species that was apparently what made us human.

How wrong we were!

Humans Talk Rubbish While Crows Innovate .. What Crows Can Teach Us About Marketing Is Revealing

Of course, the notion of our superiority was rubbish! We later discovered that chimps used made and used tools. More recently we’ve discovered that crows also make tools.

And more importantly, we’ve discovered that crows can improve tool design to maximise tool efficiency. Rather than use a straight probe the New Caledonian Crow has improved tool design by shaping the probe to incorporate a hook. That “simple” innovation makes the tool TEN times more effective.

Making Your Marketing More Effective the New Caledonian Crow Way

The thing is the crow is brighter than many humans.

If you doubt this let me ask you a question. When did you last review your marketing tools and innovate to improve efficiency by a factor of TEN?

Watch the New Caledonian Crow in the video below. Then contact me to discuss how you can become as innovative as a New Caledonian Crow.

Other Things Crows Can Teach Us About Marketing

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