Video Recruitment Secrets

FE News recruitment Secrets Video Recruitment Secrets: Are there any?

Yes absolutely.

The fact is most providers are spending a fortune on marketing …. a lot of it wasted, simply because they ignore marketing channels with demonstrably better ROI.

The problem is we chase after things like social media, (which has its place) but fail to focus on what our customers and prospects are searching for.  These days when people have a question they go to Google. The answers now include YouTube results .. and providers are, in my opinion, spending too much time on channels with low ROI and not enough on the channels that give huge results.

I’ve investigated how RI can be improved and the role video and YouTube in particular can play in this .. and found a college that, perhaps unknowingly, is leading the way.  Follow their example and my simple tweaks and you could get great results for years.

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