Video Micro-Moments Drive Engagement and Sales

Google video micro moments

Graphic courtesy of Google

When customers, prospective students or employers look for answers to their problems, want to discover new things, or have to make decisions, they often go online for help. Google calls these times micro-moments.

We need to recognise that our customers are doing this on a wide range of devices when they go to  your website or app, and ….. increasingly ….. they’re happening on YouTube.

So providers need a strategy to engage with searchers at this time; the time when they want help and advice.

Searchers ask .. Where can I …?  When can I …?  How can I …? and you need to be able to answer the questions they ask and ensure the searcher can find your answer online via  a search engine.


Producing Answers to Micro-Moments

Using the categories, What, Where,Why, When and Why list the 3-5 most frequents questions students and employers ask you.

Now make a brief video that answers that question and post it on YouTube and on your website and/or social media sites.

Making the video is very easy if you use an iPhone.  I’ll show the simple steps in another post .. but most people know how to pint the phone at someone and tun on the video.  Posting can be done direct from the iPhone if need be.  But you may want to top and tail your video with logos, phone numbers and other Calls to Action.

Off course, you can answers questions in other formats and put them online.  But video is being consumed in high volumes today and is a preferred medium for many searchers.


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