Use Student Email to Produce a Detailed Customer Profile

Customer profile. Using a Phone Number or Email You Can Obtain Customer Profile Information Direct From the Facebook DatabaseUsing a Phone Number or Email You Can Obtain Customer Profile Information Direct From the Facebook Database

OK, thinking about your customer profile; you probably know how you can target audiences and  create lookalike audiences using an existing email list.

But did you know you can take an audience segment and get audience insights for that list? This is powerful customer profile data that really helps you boost sales and marketing.

You might decide you want to know more about 16-18 year olds that are on engineering or beauty courses.

Or perhaps you want to target employers that attended a particular event or college webinar (you are doing college webinars aren’t you?).

Once you do this you open the door to seeing where they live, their gender, age, interests etc.

You already know some of this from their enrollment form but not all of it. For example an enrollment form doesn’t show you their other interests.

And if they are webinar attendees you have even less info .. until you access audience insights for this particular group.

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