How to Use iMindMap 10 for Project Planning

iMindMap 10 is what i recommend for quck and easy project managementKeeping Track of Projects is Hard Unless You Automate The Process …Try Using iMindMap

If you are like me you will be involved in some sort of campaign, project or process everyday. Often we are involved in several projects or campaigns at any one time. Currently I’m involved in at least a dozen!  Keeping on top of that amount of work is really hard. Ensuring others keep on top of what they need to do is even harder.

So I’m delighted to see a new tool that is both affordable and easy to use.

iMindMap 10 is an extension of the MindMapping tools that have been available for years both on PCs and mobiles.

Not only do you get the mindmapping tools that other versions provided, but they now seamlessly transit in to a drag and drop project management tool that allows you to easily move tasks. You can also allocate tasks to individuals, monitor via  traffic light system of red, orange and green  flags, brainstorm and see the whole lot as a mindmap, timeline or GANNT shart.

Add to that that you can add milestones, icons and images, videos that play in the software, tags, swimlanes, links and attachments and you have a powerful tool that can be exported as an image, shared or exported to MS Project.

To discover more watch the video below or go where you can get a free trial.


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