Use Customer Profiles to Significantly Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Who is your target audience: cusotmer profiles are keyHow to target your marketing and communications.

Writing web copy, sending out flyers and adverts and blasting out emails is likely to be totally ineffective if you don’t align your message with your audience.

To do this you need to profile your target audience.  Let’s start with individuals and think about businesses in another post.

Customer profiles may may take a few minutes, or even longer,  to define and write but they will save you huge amounts of time and money in the future.


Who is your ideal customer?

Sit down and think about your ideal customer.

What age are they?

What is their gender?

Where do they live?

What do they read?

Where do they hang out?

What pastimes do they have?

What’s their education background?

In a few words wow would you identify them?

What problem do your products or services solve for them?

What are they trying to achieve in life or career?
What challenges do they face?

How can you help them?

What objections to purchase will they raise?

Are they actually able to make purchase decisions or do they defer to someone else?  If so who?

Of course you can’t be expected to know all these answers .. so you need to talk to people that you would classify as belonging to these groups.  Your chat should be structured but doesn’t need to be formal .. hence I say chat rather than interview .. as the formality of an interview puts your “interviewee” on edge while you really want them relaxed and chatting as you’ll learn far more this way.

Once you can answer the above questions you’ll have more idea on where to promote your product or service, the key messages and media you need to use and how to raise your promotional ROI.

I’ve just spent several weeks getting a message out about a college’s new transport system.  With a customer profile I was able to determine that one good place to promote this was Facebook and, by testing the response from males and females in 6 age groups I now know even more about who makes and influences “go to college” decisions in the college’s travel to college area.

Do you need help profiling your ideal customers or with Facebook ads?  Contact me now; it costs nothing to chat.