Hybrid bot: Understanding Hybrid Bots & Their Uses

Hybrid Bot s Vary a Lot With Some Using a Mix of Chatline and Prepared Questions and Answers.

Let me explain the hybrid chatline / bot dashboard below

Hybrid bot .. Understanding Hybrid Bots

The bot used here is Pubble.

The lime green area is the question typed into the chatline by the enquirer. They want to know if Celta courses are offered.

Immediately below in the red oval they have included their email address. It is from hotmail.it  so we could get our bot to ask if they would prefer to speak in Italian if the bot supports this! In this bot the email and phone numbers have been left optional but could be mandatory.   They have been offered as options for a reply should the chatline staff not be available. This effectively gives us 24/7 operation.

The black oval shows theclage the enquirer were on when they asked their question. Always useful as it oftentimes puts the question in context.

Then the green area shows where some FAQs have been offered. In this case there are two of them. They have been triggered by keyword matching.

The purple area shows that the FAQs were good and suited the enquirer. She choose FAQ7 as being helpful.

The enquirer had their answer within seconds even though it was late at night and the office was unattended.

Magic ehh?

Hybrid Bot Usage …. Lessons to be learnt 

Our learning shouldn’t end there. The fact this question was asked indicates a weakness in the website. Clearly the enquirer couldn’t see how to apply for the course. If this happens once it is just down to the enquirer  .. but if we get a lot of these questions then it is down to bad site design and we need to remedy that problem.

In this case the website application process is being improved and should cut out these enquiries in future.

What Other FAQs Would You Add?

Thinking about the FAQ that triggered the above sequence what other FAQs would you add to this college’s hybrid bot?


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