How to Turn Website Visitors into Students

website conversionTurn Website Visitors into Students

So many people write or blog about the black art of getting more website visitors; but far fewer focus on getting those visitors to become students (customers).

Converting visitors isn’t a black art. It’s not magic. It’s the application of a very simple marketing process.

There are three parts to it.

Firstly you need to decide on what you want your visitor to do. This sounds simple but too many website managers fail to get this right. Or they might have an overall objective but fail to determine and/or act upon the objective of every page …. And they will not all be the same on every page.

Secondly you need to think about what the visitor wants. Again this ought to be obvious but unless you give the visitor the opportunity to satisfy their needs they will not do what you designed the webpage to do. It’s quite possible for both of you to want the same things!

Thirdly you have to provide the mechanism for the visitor to get what you both want.

How to get your website visitors to do what you want!

You have to nudge your website visitors to do what you want. What we really want them to do in most cases is to apply for a place at college. But life is not that simple and this is a huge step for a visitor.

Better to get them to take a micro step towards applying. It is easier for them, and gives you a chance to build rapport. If it captures their contact data then even better.

So getting them to sign up for an event is ideal. It might be a Taster course, or an Open Day. This is much better than downloading a prospectus as it means they will visit and talk to real people.

To get them to take the action you wish you need to make it easy.  Provide big prompts .. things like a Book a Taster Course button.

And if you want them to phone you don’t hide the number deep in the depths of your website. Put it big an bold on every page.

Whatever you do don’t say phone us and not provide the phone number on that page .. this is the kiss of marketing death.



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