The Two Types of Purchase in the Education Sector

How Can Your Prospects Measure Risk Marketing and Selling to Explorers and Experienced Buyers

When you think about it there are only two types of people that might want to do business with providers.

There are those that aren’t sure what we have to offer, but happen upon us or are exploring options and there are those that know exactly what we offer and want more of the same.

For example there is the training manager that wants to put more people on the First Aid course they previously sent staff to or the L2 brickie that wants to go onto L3.

Then there’s the business owner that wants to improve productivity or reduce absenteeism. They have lots of options and might be looking at more equipment with a higher output or how to take staff down the disciplinary route. They may not have considered training as an option.

Neither of these types of prospect are better or worse than the other but the approach you need to make, and the amount of work involved, is certainly different.

Selling to Explorers

If you try to sell to explorers you are an unknown quantity and indeed so might be your solution. The prospect is taking a chance in dealing with you. So how are you going to limit the risk?

You could offer a sample (a taster course maybe), you could show them testimonials from people they know and respect, you could offer a guarantee.

For example on many of the open courses I’ve personally run I’ve given a 100% money back, no quibble guarantee. If any attendee isn’t happy with the course, by morning coffee break, they can leave and I will fully refund their fees within 24 hours. The guarantee reassures them that I am doing my best for them and have a vested interest in their satisfaction.  In ten years of running courses I’ve never been asked for money back.

But is your financial structure such that you could refund fees? Do you have the confidence in your courses to offer this?

If not what can you offer explorers to ensure they have no risk? What can you do to share any risk with them? How are you going to ensure explorers will do business with you?

If you don’t limit their risk why would they take a chance with you?


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