The Perfect Business Marketing Campaign

How a razor company can tell you about marketing Does the Perfect Marketing Plan Exist?


A small business I’ve been watching has just successfully launched and have a lot of people paying them a regular fee each month.  Their customers are going to need the same product next month .. and the month after that .. and the month after that .. forever.

Their marketing plan is as near perfect as I’ve ever seen.

So how did they do it?  Can we do the same?

They did four things we all can do:

  1. They defined their customer profile
  2. They determined what caused these people hassle (their pain point) and created a product offer to end that pain
  3. They created a simple landing page to perfectly demonstrate and sell their solution
  4. They launched their product with a powerful video

In this businesses case they targeted males, but actually the same product would suit females … month after month after month.

In both cases the product will remain virtually unchanged for years and the business can source it really cheaply and sell it at a premium.

Well, there are few things that will match this in the education world but let’s see what lessons we can learn.

The Perfect Marketing Plan That Targets Men & Women

The product is simple and is used once or twice a day by most men from puberty onwards.

It is a razor.  In this case it is a disposable razor … but there is more to it than that.

You see you can buy a razor in any supermarket, pharmacy or chemist; there is nothing special about it.  But what this business has realised is that it is hassle to go out and buy a razor .. they get forgotten and these guys then have to shave with a blunt razor.

So what they are really selling is an adequate razor and DELIVERY to their customers every month.  The real value is in the delivery .. it saves hassle.

Other Businesses That Take The Hassle Out of Life

This isn’t the only business I’ve seen adopting the same strategy. In the UK there are several nappy services that deliver nappies to the door (and will take soiled nappies away).  Again they take the hassle out of life.

So what lessons can FE Providers take from this?


In previous posts I’ve talked about profiling your customers .. so that is step one and two of this strategy sorted.

Let’s imagine that you discovered that SME in your sector or area find keeping up with legislation difficult .. or maybe it is the latest technology in their sector.  So why not provide a monthly digest of what they need to know and send it to them?  It will engage them and build a relationship with them.

I can hear two objections to this … you don’t have the expertise and it doesn’t sell a product.  Maybe but there are ways around this.

Not having the expertise is no problem.  What I’ve done in the past is to set up a joint venture with another business.  For example a national chain of lawyers gave me access to their legal advice.  They wrote it, we sent it.  Any legal queries went to them and any training queries came to my client.     The system works well and can be replicated with lots of other businesses from manufactures to trade bodies.

Certainly it doesn’t directly sell any of your courses, but it does place you as a source of valuable advice and most likely top be the first point of call when the customer needs training.  Naturally you will need to ensure the type of content you send out suits your client (see your profiles to see what it is) and you can mix several sources of information together.

Producing a video to sell the concept is a low cost and effective way to market and your current CRM or autoresponder systems can be used for fulfillment.

This idea is being used by providers worldwide for one simple reason .. it works.