The “Meet Richard Branson” Principle

If you were offered the chance to meet Richard Branson or an insurance salesman, to discuss whatever was on your mind, which would you choose?

My guess is you would say Richard Branson simply because he would probably say something that really resonated with your working life in some way or other.

Of course, like me, you might think insurance is a necessary evil but it doesn’t grab your attention so easily.

Applying the Branson Lesson to Your Marketing and Sales

This is quite simple really. When we want to meet with prospects we have no chance of getting a meeting if they view us as insurance sales staff.  They want someone they perceive as being as useful as Richard Branson.  It’s obvious really.

So we have to change tactics. Instead of trying to get a sales meeting we need to offer a Branson Moment. We need to offer to share some insights into some of their issues.  So for example Principals have two worries at present .. quality and budgets.  They might dress them up as Area Reviews or Inspection but these all boil down to the same things really.

So if i want to see a Principal i have to offer insights into these areas.  Things like insights into how other FE colleges are handling budget cuts or increasing full cost income.  That means I need to research these topics and come p with some answers before asking for a meeting.

Or I can speak on the topic at a conference.

Putting it simply! Basics that go wrong – all the time! 

is one such conference and should attract a lot of CEOs/principals, SMT, governors and FHE managers .

If you follow this basic concept it isn’t difficult to get people to meet with you.  But sales meetings are dead.simply because it offers nothing to those you want to meet.

I’m indebted to my friend Ian Brodie for the term “Branson Meetings”.




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