The Customer FLOW Process

The Customer FLOW process Delivers Customers Every Day  .. Like a Waterfall Delivers Water Is Your Customer Acquisition and Sales Process Reactive or Proactive?

Reactive systems are fine when they send you a steady flow of new and repeat customers but they are unreliable and frequently fail.

Proactive customer acquisition and sales processes are reliable, predictable and mean you get less stressed about hitting our targets.

The system I prefer is called FLOW, which stand s for:

Lead Generation
Winning the Business


 What FLOW stands for: An Overview

Focus: If we are to create a reliable FLOW of profitable customers we first need to be clear about our target audiences.  If the target is too broad there is every chance we will dissipate our energies and miss our figures.  But if we go for a very carefully defined niche we can put all our energy in to it, without distraction, and see some wins.

By defining a niche target we can obtain more understand of the potential customers and their problems and again see more wins.

Because we better understand our prospects and their problems we can be far more targeted with our value proposition .. and that is a first step in winning contracts.


Lead Generation:  When prospecting for clients we need a piece of bait that attracts leads.   It has to act like a magnet and pull them in.  It has to be a Lead Magnet.

We also need a portfolio of marketing approaches.  One size doesn’t fit all and we have to tailor our approach to each group of prospects.

We then have to execute our marketing approach and ensure we get great ROI on all our efforts.


Ongoing Nurturing: Once we have found prospects we need to keep them warm until they are ready to buy (not everyone is ready to buy when we first contact them). So we need a system to keep nurture them and keep in contact whilst they are getting ready to buy.  This might be in  a few weeks or maybe as far off as a year before they want what we have.

What we don’t want is for them to forget us and when ready to buy have to look for a supplier .. and find someone else.  A good nurture programme will keep them on board and thinking of us when they are ready to buy.  Do it well and we will build trust and will be the only people in the running when they want help.


Winning the Business: So assuming we’ve kept them on board some prospects will just automatically give us the work.  But others will need us to bid or at least make a proposal and we need to know the best way to word this.

Others will not know they are ready to buy and we need to prompt them.  The first step is to find a compelling reason why they should ask to meet with us.  In some cases this then transform into a one to one sales process and in other cases it becomes a one to many process.  Both need handling differently and we need to really understand our prospects and their business niches to get the best results.




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