Tell a Story …. to Market Your Restaurant.

Restaurant Marketing Use your loaf and sell the flourPeople love stories and local artisan produce  …. and this can help you sell your restaurant.

The image on this page is a perfect example of how my local pub does this and you can adapt this idea.

Around the pub they have quality posters that explain how their bread is made from local flour milled by a local miller and eaten by local people.

They then suggest you dunk some in your soup today.  Other posters explain that the veg in the soup is a also local as is the meat.

The poster images were taken by local photographers and the copy is engaging.  This all encourages customers to “become part of the family” and brings a glow as warm as the bread!

In a college restaurant you can take this further with local students, local recipes, local fish, .. well you get the idea as will local people if you can get this featured in a local newspaper or on your local radio.