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How to Turn Website Visitors into Students

website conversionTurn Website Visitors into Students

So many people write or blog about the black art of getting more website visitors; but far fewer focus on getting those visitors to become students (customers).

Converting visitors isn’t a black art. It’s not magic. It’s the application of a very simple marketing process.

There are three parts to it.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Track Website Downloads

If we are going to be effective when marketing, and not waste time or money, we need to carefully track what is happening on our website.  

In this video, my colleague, Vernon Riley, explains how amazingly simple it is to track things like pdf downloads on your website.

For example you can tel how many downloads were made as a result of an advert in the paper as opposed to the email you sent to employers.


Let Vernon or me know if you’d like to discuss your Analytics options in more detail.


The Role of Social Media in Driving Online Purchases

Social Media is Widely Promoted: But Does It Work For Online Sales and Related Website Actions Such As Prospectus Downloads, Open Day Registrations, Etc? 

Google has analysed millions of transactions via Google Analytics and is able to provide an insight into what does and doesn’t work.

Whilst there is a role for social media, especially where video promos are used, in many cases it is limited to the early parts of the customer journey.

Watch the video for more information.

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