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So Why Do You Want To Be A Plumber?

Are you really communicating?Often we take at face value what young people and employers tell us.

When someone says they want to be a plumber is it true? Or is it that they have perceptions about plumbers and plumbing that they want satisfied.

So why not ask them why they want to be a plumber. The last time I did this the young man I spoke to told me it was because plumbers get to move around from job to job, often worked alone, and were more independent than factory workers.

As we delved in to this we started to explore other careers where people worked alone and were more self reliant than a factory worker and suddenly this young man’s horizons opened up beyond plumbing, beyond construction and embraced hundreds of other potential careers.

Sometimes you have to listen to the words that are unsaid as much as the ones that are voiced. Continue reading