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Why Too Much Action is Detrimental to Success

Action Doesn't mean you have to get caught in the hamster wheel How to Achieve Success in a Busy Action Packed World

All Around Me I See People in Constant Motion. They are in Hamster Wheels of Activity

They are running from task to task, meeting to meeting, often with a phone welded to their ear.

But when you are this busy there is only one certain result. You miss the overview. You fail to learn enough to plan a strategy. You miss out on the crucial elements vital for you to achieve success.

The only results you get are activity and low achievement because when you have your nose to the grindstone life is pretty awful. The problem is that ……….

Constant Action Drives Out Deep, Meaningful Thought

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These Words Precede Failure

Flip a coin and turn failure into successProject Failure .. in Fact Any Failure  … is Often Preceded By the Words “I can’t until”. 

As in “I can’t start building a CRM list until we’ve rebuilt the website”. Or “I can’t promote the new course until it is validated”.

Of course these reasons are absolutely rubbish.  They are nothing but excuses.  They are the words associated with inertia.

They are very common words.

But turning failure into success isn’t difficult.

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