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Changes to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is constantly evolving.


It is still a great marketing and business development tool but recently some features have disappeared and new ones have appeared.


Group Top Contributor

I’m not sure if this is good or bad but the top contributor status has now gone.  In the past it was easy to see who contributed most to a group by checking out the top contributor status.

Maybe this will encourage more participation from all group members but maybe it will discourage those that have said a lot in the past (and that could be good or bad!). . .

The downside is that in the past your profile picture, and headline, was featured prominently on the group home page.  This gave some credence to you being a  thought leader in the group.  But no longer.

Online participants like to be rewarded for their efforts and the removal of this feature could well damage the number of comments over time.


Group statistics have been removed.

People tend to join active groups and it was easy to see which groups were active by clicking the activity tab.

In the past the stats showed demographics, growth and activity.  With over 2 million groups on LI finding relevant groups has always been hard.  the problem being many groups are inactive or full of spam.

The first step in deciding if a group was for me was to examine the group stats.  Judging activity is now going to be slower as you’ll need to go into the group and check the number and date of posts.  If this takes too much time I can see people joining fewer groups.

Recent activity has also gone. To discover what is happening in a group you now need to click the recent activity button .. which means an extra step in the process which seems to defeat the KIS Keep it Simple ethos we should al use online.


Group Managers

Lots of changes here.

Inappropriate posts – this used to be configurable.  But no longer. So when members now report a post as spam, LinkedIn will remove the post if there are repeated complaints.

This sounds good but I can see it leading to problems if someone takes offence over another’s viewpoint.  This could lead to people as well as posts being removed and could be exploited by unscrupulous competitors.

Managers can now promote a discussion to be displayed at the top of the main discussion feed and it will stay at the top of the feed until it’s replaced by another discussion.

In poorly managed groups (and there are lots of them) this could make a group quite boring.


The Role of Social Media in Driving Online Purchases

Social Media is Widely Promoted: But Does It Work For Online Sales and Related Website Actions Such As Prospectus Downloads, Open Day Registrations, Etc? 

Google has analysed millions of transactions via Google Analytics and is able to provide an insight into what does and doesn’t work.

Whilst there is a role for social media, especially where video promos are used, in many cases it is limited to the early parts of the customer journey.

Watch the video for more information.

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Live from the #DiscoveringFutures event at the Magic Circle

planning is essential in social mediaThis post is being sent live from the #DiscoveringFutures

event in London.


The event is being held at the Magic Circle and has delegates from the UK, Eire and Denmark.

So let’s get down to business ….  

I believe there are two very dangerous things in life. 

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What is the Purpose of Social Media?

There's more to social media than likes, fans and followersLikes, Fans and Followers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media.  

We are constantly encouraged to use social media because we are told that this is where young people are ….. but will thousands of “likes” really drive your recruitment campaign? Continue reading


Sherlocking for Sales and Sponsorship

Binoculars are used to searchSherlocking, or Researching, your Prospects is a Powerful Technique

If you want good results when meeting someone for the first time, you need to “Sherlock”.

Maybe you are meeting a new contact, prospect, potential sponsor, stakeholder or interviewing a potential employee (or applying for a job!).  Whatever it is you need carry out some basic research on them.  In the same way that Sherlock Holmes determined a lot about people by looking for subtle clues you need to seek clues of your own.  If you do you’ll be better prepared and the meeting is likely to be far more successful .. and the good news is most of the clues aren’t subtle, they are obvious.

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Why Social Media Followers are an Illusion

Facebook logoSocial Media Follower Numbers can create an illusion of success and hide the true value of your marketing efforts.

Learn why.

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