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The Two Types of Purchase in the Education Sector

How Can Your Prospects Measure Risk Marketing and Selling to Explorers and Experienced Buyers

When you think about it there are only two types of people that might want to do business with providers.

There are those that aren’t sure what we have to offer, but happen upon us or are exploring options and there are those that know exactly what we offer and want more of the same.

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What is Your Prospects Trigger Point?

What will make your customer push the button and buy?How to identify buyer trigger points in FE


We all need a Trigger Point before we’ll buy.  Something that makes us reach for our cash or click the buy button.  

Sometimes the need is so obvious that we buy immediately because we either need or want the product or service. 

Other times we need a bit of a nudge to turn us from a prospective buyer to an actual customer.

We need to be converted from someone that didn’t previously have a pressing want or urgent need.

Our role in marketing and sales is often to move the prospect over the Rubicon and help them see that urgent need.

If we don’t all our previous efforts are wasted. 

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I2I Replaces B2B & B2C

Do Businesses Buy .. Or Do Individuals in Businesses Buy? In Marketing, Do Businesses Actually Exist?

I see a lot of talk of B2C and B2B marketing but I’m not sure either exists as such; especially B2B.

Buyers are always individuals and NEVER businesses in the strict sense.  The reason is simply that all business transactions (except where the computer says No) are actually  made by individual people.  People that have the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of us.

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