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Negotiations: The Tesco Technique

Do Your Negotiations Say It With Flowers?

Do Your Negotiations Say It With Flowers?

Are you a tough negotiator like Tesco .. or do you have more sense?

The recent spate of media coverage over the tactics that the supermarkets use with suppliers has exposed many of them to the public gaze.  As long ago as the 1990s I supplied a number of supermarket chains so the current stories do not surprise me.  I’ve been there and have the T-shirt.

I dumped Tesco, Sainsburys and several other supermarket chains before they controlled the business I then owned. It was tough but subsequently I was much better off.

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Negotiation Skills: Asking Closed Questions

The success of a negotiation is often dependent on the questions asked and answered.

But how do you know what questions to ask.  Some are obvious of course  … but others, although more revealing, can be more difficult to formulate.

Let’s start with some simple Closed questions that elicit either a YES or NO answer. Continue reading