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Understanding Searcher Intent is Vital

Searcher Intent, What is It, How Do You Define Searcher Intent?Searcher Intent? What Do Online Searchers Intend

We read a lot about SEO and ensuring that we use the right keywords in our content to ensure we come high up on the Search Engine Results Pages.  But to do this, and get highly ranked, we need to know what the online searcher intent is.

Are they just merely curious, doing actual research, want to buy, want to recommend to a friend or something altogether different?  People’s intentions are not always obvious, so, when writing content, we need to make some assumptions if our webpage is to match their actual needs. Continue reading


Body Language: the look of comtempt

How to read body language micro-expressions.  Are you reading your client’s body language correctly?

This micro-expression often only lasts a fraction of a second and you should never rely on one expression alone to form an opinion.  However, when several micro-expressions all point in the same direction the chances of them being right grows.

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