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How To Coax Reluctant Buyers

Reluctant Buyers Don't Always Explain Their Hesitation Whether Encouraging Prospective Students or Employers We’ve All Sensed Prospective Customers That Are Reluctant to Proceed. 

When Reluctant Buyers voice their issues it is relatively easy as we have been trained to handle the situation; we know about sales objections and how to handle them. The real problem comes when we just sense their reluctance but it is left unsaid.

So what do we Brits do? Often we leave sleeping dogs to lie. We don’t like raising problems. this is mainly because we try to avoid conflict at all costs.

The result is the meeting or negotiation goes well, there is no conflict and we part “good friends”. But the student never reappears or the employer doesn’t place the order for training or doesn’t proceed with taking an apprentice.

Everyone has wasted their time.  It is a lose lose situation.

Handling Reluctant Buyers Unsaid Sales Objections

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Negotiation Tips: Getting the Best Price

How to negotiate with food When negotiating there are two ways to name a price.

You either publish one in advance, and lose all chances of negotiating a better deal, or you can negotiate one, where you hold the best cards.

If you publish a price on your website, or in your brochure, it becomes binding in many ways.  Psychologically the customer will see this as your maximum price and will try to get a reduction on this.  If you’ve tried to be clever, and have inflated the published price, then it might drive away many prospective customers that are initially making a search based on price.

The reality is that price is rarely the only factor buyers take into account.  So you can negotiate.

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Negotiation Skills: Asking Closed Questions

The success of a negotiation is often dependent on the questions asked and answered.

But how do you know what questions to ask.  Some are obvious of course  … but others, although more revealing, can be more difficult to formulate.

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