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Martin Doel on Area Reviews and the Future of FE

Martin Doel on FEs Future Has FE a future?  Will Area Reviews ring the death knell or a new future?

Hear what Martin Doel told us at the AOC conference


Terry Jones: The Transition from RAF Officer to College Principal

AOC conference attendees. This is where I met Terry Jones. Today I spoke to Terry Jones. I’ve been at the AOC conference for the last few days, working with FE News on the Future of FE.

FE is full of interesting characters and one of the most interesting recent appointments as a college principal is Terry Jones.  Terry has come hot foot from the RAF where he has had a career full of appointments that have prepared him for his new career as an FE principal.

I’ve been fortunate to meet Terry several times recently and could write pages on the my perception of his approach to FE.  For now though, lets let Terry speak for himself via the video on FE News


The “Meet Richard Branson” Principle

If you were offered the chance to meet Richard Branson or an insurance salesman, to discuss whatever was on your mind, which would you choose?

My guess is you would say Richard Branson simply because he would probably say something that really resonated with your working life in some way or other.

Of course, like me, you might think insurance is a necessary evil but it doesn’t grab your attention so easily.

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Pragmatic FHE Brand Experiences: Lessons From Success and Failure

Many Education Providers Think They Have a Brand. But Do They Understand It?

How branding has been successfully implemented (and failed) in the FE sector is Stefan Drew’s topic at the Discovering Futures in June. Drawing on his experience of implementing brand strategies, across the UK FHE and training sectors, he explains how he utilised oak trees, people, geography, royalty, pigs and plenty of new tarmac to build one brand.

There will be a conference website soon. but if you want me to let you know when it is launched drop me an email.


Direct From London 2014: Defining Your FHE Strategy

How do you define strategy?London FHE Marketing & Business Development 2014 was a closed door event I recently held for invited guests only.

But there are some topics I wanted to share with you personally.


The first is about Strategy.  This is a word that is often bandied about but rarely understood.   People often show me their business or marketing strategies and they are often weighty tomes.

Often the strategies I’m shown are more like wish list and say things like “We want to be the provider of choice for local SMEs by September 2015”. Continue reading