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These Words Precede Failure

Flip a coin and turn failure into successProject Failure .. in Fact Any Failure  … is Often Preceded By the Words “I can’t until”. 

As in “I can’t start building a CRM list until we’ve rebuilt the website”. Or “I can’t promote the new course until it is validated”.

Of course these reasons are absolutely rubbish.  They are nothing but excuses.  They are the words associated with inertia.

They are very common words.

But turning failure into success isn’t difficult.

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How Many things Can Go Wrong With Student Recruitment?

Student Recruitment fails too frequently Get Your Marketing Right & Recruitment is Certain


There are dozens of things that can go wrong when a prospective student or employer decides to apply for a course.

Websites fall over, forms stop working, forms are unintelligible, Forms get lost, people have to retype forms , attachments get lost, stupid questions get asked, …

It ought to be really easy to apply for a course.  But our survey of providers proves this wrong.  Dozens of things can .. and DO .. go wrong.  One college lost 3% of applications .. we found them stuck in  a spam filter.

Discover more of what goes wrong. Read our latest exclusive article on Optimising FE Recruitment in FE News



Why so Many Marketing Campaigns Fail

How to plan sales and marketing

Marketing needs to be run like a military campaigns. You need plans that everyone understands

Don’t let your sales fail for want of adequate planning.


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