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Facebook Have Improved Their Advertising Options

Improved Facebook Advertising with Image SlidersFacebook recently changed their advertising to allow you to promote more than one product (course) or key message in one advert.

For example the adverts opposite use different images to promote a series of equine interests and hence key messages.

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Facebook Relevance Means Lower Advertising Costs

Facebook Relevance Score Reduces  Facebook Advertising Costs

Facebook Relevance Score Reduces Facebook Advertising Costs ……. Click to Enlarge

Facebook is the lowest cost advertising platform I currently use.

But how do you get low costs?

I’ve previously mentioned using animated video ads but there is another way.

Facebook is emulating Google.  It is rewarding relevance.  But that is as far as the concept goes as they both have totally different ideas of what constitutes relevance.  Facebook gauges it on the net effect of likes, posts being blocked etc.  They reason it is about how much people like your content.  Whether this is a good measure or not is immaterial.  The main thing is you can see how Facebook marks you on a scale of 1-10 .  The closer you get to ten the lower your advertising costs are.

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How To Add & Use Promotional Videos on Facebook

There are several ways you can use videos to promote your organisation or its courses  on Facebook.

Here are two methods I use most often.

The first is to just post a video on my account and let it take its chances.  This sometimes works when people start sharing it and/or if you also promote it on social media.  This is always worth a try before spending money on advertising.

Here’s how to add a video to your timeline

FB video ads: Starting on Your Timeline Assuming you are starting from your timeline you need to choose Photos .. its just below the elephants feet on my FB page.

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Using Facebook as a Research Tool

Data capture is at the heart of Facebook advertisingIf you’ve been using Facebook ads for more than 24 hours you have a wealth of prospect data

Most people either don’t know about this or don’t bother with it.

That is a mistake.  

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