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EventBrite Saves Time and is Free to Use for Provider Open Days & Events

EventBrite is Free For Free Events Using EventBrite is a No-Brainer for Provider Events.

I’m quite surprised how few providers use EventBrite when the benefits are considered.

For me it started with being a queue buster at events.  One of my clients had really long queues at events because they insisted on capturing loads of data on the prospective students.

This created several problems.

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Graduation & Events: Seating Plans on EventBrite

seating plan for college graduationEventBrite have now introduced the opportunity to “sell” reserved seating at different prices.

Not sure how this will affect colleges and training providers?  Then think about nil pricing and seat allocation for graduation ceremonies and other public and invitation only events.

And of course you can still use it for selling tickets for conferences.

For more see EventBrite  Reserved Seating