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How To Use Animated Calls to Actions

How to get people to subscribe or enrol Getting prospects on your website from interested to enrolled is sometimes difficult.

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What is the Purpose of Social Media?

There's more to social media than likes, fans and followersLikes, Fans and Followers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media.  

We are constantly encouraged to use social media because we are told that this is where young people are ….. but will thousands of “likes” really drive your recruitment campaign? Continue reading


PowerPoint Magic: Starting Embedded Videos with a Remote

Play videos in PowerPoint with a RemoteEver wanted to play a video in a PowerPoint presentation without the hassle of having to click onto the embedded video?

Moving to the next screen in PowerPoint is easy.  You just click the remote or mouse.

But somehow the default settings for playing a video don’t allow this. But what if you could just click your remote, without even pointing at the screen, and the video plays?

What if you could do this from anywhere in the room and the video plays?

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Wire Frames For Your Webpage Designs

Balsamiq is for designing wireframesWant to visualise or plan a new website, webpage or app?

Balsamiq is a piece of software that is used to create wireframes for webpages, mobiles, and a lot more.  Single user licences are only $79 at the time of writing, with free lifetime upgrades.

Many of my colleagues have downloaded it and found it invaluable.

Why not take a trial and see if it works for you?




Speaking: tones and qualities

We know that ‘Sex Sells’ but to what extent does the sound of your voice influence others?

I’m known for being pragmatic but lets just look at some psycholinguistic theory first.

Theory tells us that it is not what we say but how we say it.  Most of us will relate to that.  you will recognise the difference between someone that whispers that they love you and the same person shouting the same sentiment at you.  The context and how they say it matters a lot.

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