Simple Low Cost Animated Videos Really Engage Students

video is no longer expensiveWe used to be told that video was expensive.  We needed expensive cameras, a film crew,  and hi-tech editing suite.

Not now.

Below is an example of a video I made for a  provider on my iPad. (I’ve masked the sixth form college name as they’d probably prefer that you didn’t know how they are increasing their marketing ROI).

Low cost video is available to all of us.  We can make videos on our iPads, upload them to YouTube and have them on Facebook, put them on our websites and run them across the social media world in no time at all.

The best thing about these low production value videos is that they prospective students view them in their thousands.    They share them, they like them and become interested in our course offer.

Marketing staff at the the sixth form college where the video below was used on Facebook emailed and said “Just had some of the teachers in and they LOVE your adverts and video that you put up on our Facebook page”.

But more importantly the prospective students LOVED it and applications jumped.

Watch the video now

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