SEO: How to Use Your Competitors Site to Suggest Keywords

SEO first aid course search resultsThere comes a time when getting on Page One of Google is really hard. You know you have good products and services but your competitors keep beating you to the top spots on the SERPs (search engine report pages) and you need some help.

Here’s a great tip. The truth is it isn’t about your products and how good they are. It is about your webpages and how well they are optimised. So how do you see what they are using as keywords in their content?

This is how to discover your competitors keywords … that you could use to enhance your own copy.

SEO first aid course search resultsHere are the search results for the term First aid courses (click on the image for a better view).

You’ll note the top of the page is dominated by three Adword ads. Next are Red Cross results – these are in the organic listings. It costs nothing to get there if you optimise your page carefully. It doesn’t take long and is relatively easy as no one much bothers with this.

The Red Cross pages will be hard to beat as they have used the words searched for in their domain name I.e. RedCrossFirstAidTraining. You could of course buy a suitable domain and point it at your First Aid course pages but lets also look at the keywords Google identifies on the next result in the list. Combining a good domain and keyword rich content is even more powerful. The next in the list are St Johns courses … another hard one to beat .. but it is possible to get in here as Thames Training appears after St Johns.

Bear in mind that the results I see will be affected by my location and previous searches but you get the idea.

SEO keyword tool resultsSo to see what Google thinks are Thames trainings keywords go to the Google Keyword tool and input the page url that the search results pointed at.  On the left hand side of the page you can select broad, exact or phrase match .. then you simply let the Keyword Tool do its job.  the results are as per the screen grab opposite (click on to it to get a larger image).


The next step is to decide which of these (or other)  keywords you want to optimise for and get writing.  Remember to add good metatags and do all the other simple SEO tasks and there is a very good chance you can get on the first page of Google