See Bots in Action

See Bots in Action With Our UK ClientsAre Bots Really Being Used in UK Businesses?

Yes, Bots are working all over Easter at some of our client premises. Read on to See Bots in Action.

For example, West London College recently won the TES Best Use of Technology in the Classroom Award, and it made sense for them to expand beyond the classroom and explore the use of technology in their own business.

That’s were we came in and advised them on the use of bots.

It started with one simple website Q&A bot. Then we went on Facebook with a Facebook Messenger bot and then came a second website bot.

In the last few weeks over 600 enquiries have come in through the web bot .. he’s called Pubblebot. And the Facebook bot is also taking off.

The great thing is they work 24/7 and can often answer questions before a human can reply! In our tests people can’t tell the difference between the bot and a person … I know that’s incredible but it’s true. (We use Natural Language Sequencing [NLS] to ensure Pubble answers politely and sensibly!)

If you are interested in skills or training at West London College just follow the links below. And let Pubble answer your questions 24/7.

And if you like Pubble we are now Pubble Agents and can ensure you get a free trial and help you set up your first bot.


See Bots In Action

You can find the Employers AdviceBot at
For advice on other courses go to and talk to EnquiryBot
Just click on the ASK button on the bottom right corner of each site to grab their attention!

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