Listed below are many of the resources my clients and I use on a regular basis


Audacity is a free programme for recording and editing audio.  You can record direct to your laptop, edit the audio (including merging files and tracks and save the resultant audio for  standalone use as an audio clip or to upload as a video soundtrack. For more info go to

Windows Live Movie Maker

Live Movie Maker is built into many PCs and laptops as part of Windows.  It isn’t as sophisticated as profressional programmes like Final Cut Pro but it does have a wide range of applications that will allow you to make videos from stills or movie clips.  For an example see

Photoshop & Photoshop Essentials are photo editing software packages.  Essentials is a lower cost version of Photoshop but has some limitations.  However it is quite adequate in most cases for all but professional photographers and has produced photos like the ones on my Wildlife Photography  page

Google Keyword Tool
The Googles Keyword Tool is designed to help you find keywords for webpages, Google Adwords ads and elsewhere.  It is free and can suggest alternative keywords when you type in your first keyword choice.   Alternatively you can provide a web address or webpage address and it wil suggest relevant keywords for that address.

Although the Keyword Tool is embedded in the Adwords system it can also be accesses by simply Googling the words  …. Google Keyword Tool.  When the Googled version is used the system keeps asking you to verify with a screen catcha code  and is a bit tiresome .. so I always access it from Adwords!

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