Recurring Income Streams From Employer Based Curriculum

Recurring Income models for training providersDo You Need a Recurring Income Stream?


Employers want and need accredited courses.

Correct  …. but did you know employers also want and need non accredited courses?

This provides a recurring Income Stream Opportunity

The fact is that hundreds of thousands of employers and self employed people actually don’t need or want accredited courses.

What they want is to acquire a skill or knowledge they can implement right now.  That means they don’t want a September start. They want to start now.

Their need is for knowledge and/or skills right now. And they will pay for instant gratification. 

Recurring Incomes for Non Accredited Training

And if you keep feeding them skills and/or knowledge that they need on a regular basis they are quite happy to pay a fixed sum each and every month via standing order or PayPal.

This recurring monthly fee can add up to very large sums over time. And by signing people up to this form of delivery theer is no need to be constantly looking for new customers.

I have several people in my Master Mind group that focus solely on this type of delivery and have very large monthly incomes for relatively low delivery costs.

Very  few UK colleges and training providers understand or use this form of delivery. So the majority don’t get the benefits of recurring income streams.

Virtual Delivery for Income Generation

In most cases provider can  utilise a virtual delivery model with their customers being based worldwide.  It is possible to run a recurring income model  on a physical basis but the membership is then  limited to a geographic region.

The benefits of the virtual model is that it is possible to utilise webinars and evergreen videos that are attended or viewed by 100s or even 1000s of people at once.

Could you benefit from this form of recurring income generation?

Contact me for details of how to set up this form of income generation.