How To Promote Courses to Employers

Promote Courses: Employers will pay for unusual coursesDo you only offer the usual courses.  You know, the usual list of manual handling, health and safety courses, food hygiene and all those other courses you can find on 90-95% of provider websites?

This employer market is limited and incomes restricted.  

But there is another way where incomes and profit grow at an exponential rate.

You see while very few ever look beyond offering this shortlist and, if asked for something out of the ordinary,  just say they there is no call for it. The really smart providers do something entirely different.

They make significant profit.

How to Determine the Courses Employers Will Pay Big Bucks For

Some employers excel at this. They have a technique for doing it that the less than sSurvey your employersmart providers can’t understand.

They use highly focused surveys to discover what employers and young people really want.  They aren’t restricted by a list of courses or delivery mode or time scales.

And when they have gathered information they will often launch a trial course to confirm interest. This isn’t necessarily a full blown course.  It is a taster that can be used to build awareness and build loyalty.

These smart guys then leverage this to get those interested to fund further development of the courses they need.  Have you ever seen a UK provider do this? Very few do and I know several of them.

By doing this they know they will be launching the right product to the right audience at the right time. They also reduce their risk as they have taken money up front for the development work.

This up front money indicates commitment from the employer and gives the employer a sense of ownership.

The Employers I Work With Are Different: It Won’t Work With Them

Some people think this cannot work. They are the people that will never try it and will never tap into the profits that the handful of top providers I know tap into. If you want to know how to use this simple technique for growing your customer base with profitable employers  contact me now.

Finally a word about using this technique with young people

When most providers think about young people they cannot divorce their thoughts from full time academic courses.  But young people have a thirst for knowledge outside of their career ambitions.  They are hungry for other experiences and providers have the facilities and space where they can satisfy this thirst.

The trick is in adopting  mindset where you can split their needs into career and leisure and can offer both.  You will be surprised what young people are prepared to pay for .. and they often have more disposable income than their parents.


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