Project Manager or Process Manager

Process & Project Managers Follow Different Career Paths

Is this a Process or Project Manager Role?

A client has decided they want a new marketing manager.

So I asked if they wanted a process of project manager and they looked confused.

Project managers being people who take your objectives and ideas and make them work.  They can be full time employees, consultants or interims called in to sort out a problem.

Once they have a workable solution they then hand it to others to make it recur consistently.  Most often they will hand over the exact process to be used to obtain the same great result time after time.

Process managers are the people that take the process designed by the project manager and used it repeatedly to get the same great result every time.

Process managers are essential but tend not to have the level of insight that project managers have.  They tend to be paid less.

Project Managers, especially the ones that design the nuts and bolts used to get the project giving results, are both thinkers and doers.  They are normally paid much more.

Last week I worked as a consultant for a provider.  They had a recruitment problem and told me what it was.  I knew I could solve the problem but knew they would never accept the answer.  So I re framed their question in another context and fed it back to them.  They gave me the answer I would have given them.  It was a simple question and answer but it needed the insight of a project manager to find the answer.

In your career you need to know if you are a process or project manager and where your happiness lies.  As a good manager you also need to know which type of manager to appoint.


Given that definition, I think I’m looking for a “project manager” who’ll take an idea, create the system, then take the next idea, create the system. Handing each to a person or a system (like Infusionsoft) to carry forward.