FE Project Manages Specific Tasks Every Day .. Here is the Success Secret

Project Management is key to FE management success

Trello FE Project Management Example

Everything we do in FE seems to be a project. From teaching and marketing to building a new campus.  It’s all about Project Management.

But often our project management skills aren’t great. We could do much better at Project Management. At things like initiating, planning, implementing, controlling, and completing specific processes required to achieve specific tasks.  And we need to remember that everything needs to be achieved within a specific time frame and to budget.

In the past, this has meant using complex software or other planning tools.  But there is a better way.

Project Management With An App

In recent years I’ve used a simple app called Trello. The basic system is free with a monthly fee structure if you need a lot of extras.

The free account has been enough for me to run an FE college marketing plan with 6-8 participants fully involved. They have been able to track their own tasks and progress, add timelines, files and much more.

Trello is not only free it is relatively simple to set up with specific categories of work and specific tasks within them. So in the example above we have specific campaigns such as Open Day across the top of the page with specific tasks within the campaign running down the page. Each task has specific people allocated to it and a timeframe. What I really like is the fact we can then attach files, images, video or whatever to that task. this makes it much easier to keep track of work. Another feature I really like is that the platform will send out reminders to allocated people about the work they are doing and they deadlines they need to meet.

And finally, because it is cloud-based its easy to get into the app from anywhere you can connect .. on a phone, tablet, PC or whatever.

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