Procrastination is a Provider Killer

Is procrastination stopping your business?The biggest danger that providers face isn’t funding, staffing, or recruitment.  It is Procrastination.

When I approach providers some aren’t ready to work with me.  That is perfectly understandable.  I’d like to buy a Lear Jet but I’m just a bit short of cash at the moment. These providers have a similar legitimate reason not it buy today .. but many come to me a year or more later and then do business with me. .

There is a another group of potential buyers who could buy now .. but don’t.  They are not just found in FE, the world is full of them.  They are Perfectionists.

For them the perfect time to buy will be when all the conditions are satisfied.   For example I recently approached a business I’ve worked with several times before.  They decided they wanted to buy .. but not until December.  The rationale was that a member of staff would be back from maternity, they would have recruited another team member  .. and the time would be perfect.  Except of course it will not be.

By then someone else will have left,  someone else will be pregnant and will be going on maternity .. there will never be a perfect time, and this will cost them money.

So I sat down with them and asked a few questions.  We looked at a previous training course I’d run for them.  They enthused and said it had enabled them to land a major project (worth £270k).  I asked what they hoped the next training course would net them and as they answered the lights came on.

They realised that if they trained the staff now they could be benefiting from the training immediately,  if they prevaricated they may never do the training and they would lose money as a consequence.

You’ll have employer clients like this. How are you going to convince them that if they wait to buy or train when team complete they will miss out on today’s profits?

In the last few months I’ve run provider courses on everything from marketing and business development to strategy development with senior teams. Whether you come to me or other providers can you afford to prevaricate before ensuring your teams are fully trained?