Power Words to Use in Your Copy

All about power words in Marketing & SalesWhen writing copy it is important to realise how powerful and yet subtle words can be.

Try split testing your copy to see what works best in a given situation and go with the word combinations that give you the best results in that given situation.

Below are a selection of ten words that I’ve found effective in the copy I’ve written .. in some cases changing one word in a headline, opening para or call to action can result in a ten fold increase in the results.

Of course you need to take into account the country and culture you are dealing with.  For example one of my mentors, Perry Marshall, offer the ingredients of his Secret Sauce.  I cringe when I read this phrase; it works in the States but not nearly so well in the UK.

Free , Secret, Winning, Now, Absolutely, Accomplish,

Achieve,  Adore,  Advice, Authentic, Automatically

If you combine some of these .. e.g . Free Advice, you are probably heading for even better results.