Parents Don’t Understand Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships are a mystery to some parentsIn my latest exclusive for FE News I look at Degree Apprenticeships and learn the dire truth based on the latest survey.

The recent CMI-commissioned Degree Apprenticeship survey, carried out by Populus, makes interesting reading.

It seems that, 83% of the 1003 parents interviewed would, if in their child’s position, prefer to take a Degree Apprenticeship with a major company over going to Oxbridge. They also believe a Degree Apprenticeship will offer better job prospects than a traditional university degree.

With the average graduate allegedly shouldering the burden of a £40,000 debt, this is clearly a factor that contributes to these findings.

But the research also found that parents are similarly thinking about long-term employment prospects. They recognise the significant benefits that a combined practical and academic route offers in terms of life experiences that can lead to future employment.

Nothing surprising here so far you might say.

Despite the drive in recent years for every school leaver and their hamster to go to university, many of us have known that a proven ability to carried out work often trumps a piece of paper that proves a subject has been studied. There is of course a place for degrees and they are not to be denigrated, but parents are beginning to recognise other options.

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