Objective Reviews: Critiques for Marketing & Business Development

As a special bonus for visitingcustomer this site you can ask for my thoughts and/or recommendations on a piece of marketing collateral or business development tactic each month.   This is totally free with no strings.

It could be a Facebook ad, sales letter, web page, email, business proposal, or anything else that you need to get an objective view on.

The only criteria is that it must be “reviewable” in a 10 minute video I’ll send you, and you have to be willing for me to share the critique with other ProviderMasterMind visitors for them to learn from my recommendations as well.

If you want to consult me privately that’s not a problem .. but there is usually a small charge for this service.

To arrange your Critique, just email me at Stefan@StefanDrew.com and I’ll get the wheels in motion.