New Marketing Software is Free for Providers

How to  automate the provision of answers to website visitors How to Answer Prospects’ Questions on your Website with Total Accuracy and No Cost

Free software that answers prospects’ online questions is being offered to providers in a tie up between Eire based Pubble and Stefan Drew of UK based College & Trainer Marketing.   The software, called Pubble, means providers can now answer online questions via a moderator or knowledge bank, plus post questions and answers to social media, without cost.

 Eire based Pubble, working with College & Trainer Marketing Ltd who are based in Warwickshire, have now launched a system that allows website visitors to post questions about courses, products or services and receive accurate answers in moments; and all without expensive call centres or ludicrously expensive software.

Stefan Drew, CEO of College & Trainer Marketing Ltd. commented, “The genius of this technology is that a website visitor can ask a question and that the question is automatically emailed to the provider.  The provider doesn’t even need a call centre.  They can pick up the question by email, Smartphone, desktop or tablet and just type an answer in return.  The technology takes care of the complicated bits and, if required, there is even a facility to post the questions and answers to social media.

Better than that. If the provider is busy then the technology comes to the rescue.  A knowledge bank, that contains all previous questions and answers, can offer an appropriate answer, often before the questioner has finished typing. Working on predictive text the knowledge bank is incredibly intelligent and provides the option to view an answer or continue typing their question.  If they continue typing a human moderator can, when available, answer it personally.”

Ross Good, Head of Business Development at Pubble commented, “The most important thing about this technology isn’t that it works extremely well; the most important thing for providers is that it works extremely well and, in its basic form, is free.  We aren’t charging anything for the basic set up and free trials can be arranged via Stefan Drew.  As it stands the basic setup is suitable for the majority of providers.  They can decide to upgrade if they wish to allow multiple moderators and other functionality.

He continued, “Larger providers, that employ teams of people taking calls and website enquiries, may prefer to pay for the upgraded system as it allows more than one person to reply to queries. Smaller providers, or those happy to use one moderator, don’t need this and therefore don’t need to pay anything at all.


More details are available from Stefan Drew on 07904 897929 / or Ross Good on  

Ireland: +353 (0)21 2429436 UK: +0044 (0)161 6604463

Notes to Editors

About Stefan Drew

Stefan Drew is based in Warwickshire and serves provider clients throughout the UK and Europe. 

Previously Head of Press, Publicity and Marketing at the Contributions Agency, Director of Marketing at Hartpury College and Director of Marketing Resources at Warwickshire College he has established College & Trainer Marketing in 2005.

About Pubble

Pubble’s HQ is based in Kinsale, Co. Cork with branches in Dublin and San Francisco. They have worked extensively with the University & College vertical supplying Pubble to make their site more dynamic and engaging.