New EventBrite Colour Themes

Customise Your EventBrite Page with More Colour Themes!

Eventbrite colour theme test plainProviders are increasing using EventBrite to manage Open Evenings, short courses and other events and EventBrite are constantly trying to encourag4 more uptake of their software.

I must confess I like EventBrite.  It not only performs basic event management functions it then does much more if you set it up right.

EventBrite will send out:

  • reminders the day before an event
  • produce registers
  • has a smartphone barcode system to swipe attendees into the event
  • will send out additional material like Eventbrite colour theme test greenbrochures, course notes and thank you notes
  • can send “sorry you couldn’t attend” notes
  • and much more.

To improve use they have now added 15 new colour themes to the design Eventbrite colour theme test bluesection.  Essentially all this does is to produce background colour to your event page and you might think that quite subtle.  There are some examples opposite.

The reality is that quite subtle changes can often dramatically improve call to action results.  Think about how a simple word or punctuation change can boost Adword results and the potential is obvious.

Will EventBrite’s Colour Themes Boost Attendance?

Well I like the old colours .. but the answer has to be I don’t know.  What i do know is that the potential is there and the only way to find out is to test and measure the results you get from different colours.

How to Change EventBrite Colour Themes

This is very simple; no coding or design experience is necessary.  when you produce or manage an event just go to the design tab and select a colour.  You can preview it before committing to it and change it at any stage.