Negotiation Tips: Emotional Involvement

When Negotiating Don’t Get Emotionally Involved

One big mistake many amateur negotiators make is to become too emotionally attached to winning. It becomes very personal for them and they feel that to compromise is a to be weak.  Well giving in to your emotions is weak whilst compromise that leads to you achieving your objectives is a strength. But there’s more ….

The people that get emotionally involved  must win so they shout and use threats and demands to get their way.  Because of this they often achieve nothing because the situation is counter productive.

Most deals work because they are win win.  They are possible because both sides feel they are getting something out of the deal.   On the other hand when the person across the table feels attacked, or doesn’t like you, they probably are less likely to back down.  If you try to pressure them with threats or shouting the outcomes is likely to be that they will walk away from the deal ..

So even if the other side loses it you job is to keep your cool.  Be calm, patient and friendly to the other side.

When emotions are parked outside the negotiations you are much stronger and more likely to win.