Negotiation Tips: Be Curious

I'm curious .... curiosity questions are non threatening I’ve a friend who is a curious man.

No, I’m not being rude .. it is what he often says when negotiating.

He’ll say things like “I am curious about why you want this by month end”, “I’m curious why you want that quantity” or “I’m curious why you made that decision”.

His curiosity is almost childlike. But in the same way we tolerate children and their questions .. and even answer them .. he is able to ask really difficult questions without appearing rude or threatening.

You see “curious” is a very powerful non-threatening word. It is used to be judgmental. In fact when used skillfully it actually gets the other side talking in a far more natural way. They often mellow and explain things that a direct question would have had them annoyed at.
Sp when you want more information or even when you need to buy time in a negotiation say “I’m curious .. ”

Good “curious” questions include

I am curious why you paid that price?
I am curious how you came to decide on that piece of equipment?
I’m curious why you think that?
I am curious where you are coming from?
I am curious how you’ll manage that?

Curious questions usually contain words like how, when, where, why, who, what.

Try to ask curious questions and see how your negotiation success goes up.

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